The Pitori Maradona and Cass are back with a heater...

"Why does she love me, I will never know," Focalistic questions in his latest single, "Never Know" with Cassper Nyovest. Easy on the ear, this is the type of song you play to catch a vibe.

This single comes after Focalistic's two 2019 EPs, Ase Trap Ke Pina Tsa Ko Kasi with Major League DJz and 18 Area. He's spent the year churning out new work, but "Never Know" with Cassper Nyovest also comes as a dream collaboration for him!

Produced by Mustbedubz, "Never Know" brings the Pitori Maradona and Abhuti Fillup together on a song about relationships and the lived experience of a young man living in Pretoria.

** A few words from the musicians behind "Never Know"

M3NA Media (MM): A far more personal/candid release from you with the release of “Never Know” what about the best made you take this direction?
Focalistic: When I make music I always tell the most genuine story and hope people like it. I’d never change it for the sake of being liked. That’s why my music is so close to people's hearts. Nothing is different on this song, a genuine story of infidelity and how a young boy from Pitori is really living, hahaha.

MM: How did you know you wanted Cassper for this song in particular?
Focalistic:  I’ve always wanted to work with Cassper. That’s definitely a dream come true. But I wanted him for this song specifically, because we made a genuine and honest connection in the studio. The energy moved for "Never Know" and the rest is history.

MM: What lead you to the lyrical direction you took with this single?
Focalistic: The lyrical direction is based on telling a story in the most fun and exciting manner! Making this song a summer smash because it’s so easy going on the ears. I did this because I was tired of hearing people taking themselves too seriously. Let's make dope music and have fun. That’s it!

M3NA Media (MM): What about this beat and your chosen subject matter felt right with “Never Know”?
Cassper Nyovest: I just liked what Foca did on it. It was something nostalgic and smooth. I delivered the same vibe to fit that.

MM: How long has Focalistic been on your radar and why do you think now was the right time?
Cassper Nyovest: He's been on my radar for a while, he has worked so hard this year alone! Plus he has a relationship with Major League and those are my people.