What a time to trully be alive, so much talent coming from the new wave of artists and Dan Mwale is sure to be one of your favourites soon. He just released visuals for his single ''Freestyle 2020, coming straight off the back of releasing the audio on all digital platforms on 30 January 2020. Directed by the critically acclaimed and Father of Street Cinema Motion Billy, Dan wonders through the forest with Motion capturing him as he performs the 2020 Freestyle. That's not all, towards the end of the freestyle Dan and Motion decided to give the video a little bit of a twist with the
introduction of his best performing song, And Then Everyone Died (Feat. PatrickxxLee), teasing at the possibility that we might be getting the official video for the hit song in the near future. The video transforms and morphs into a new song and leaves the viewers with more than they could ever imagined. Check out the video and tell us what you guys think.